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The Mexican government graciously sent me down on four trips to do travel features about their beautiful country, for which I'm extremely grateful. This is the Christmas Tree formation in Canon del Sumidero, a dazzling waterfall which smells like a rainforest. It's north of Tuxtla Gutierrez in central Chiapas, just west of Guatamala.



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Al and Curtis in AC/DC tribute band, Dirty Dudes. Just an off the wall show at the Black Dog, this week's SEEN photo.


Paul Matwychuk came up with the idea of writing up the first Edmonton Canon, an attempt to periodically lay out the foundations of our city's music scene and its history and players. Raymond Biesinger had done this visually with The Chart, but a writeup like the Canon allowed for some details.

As with any such list, there was a bit of hectoring, accusations of nepotism and so on, but I really dug the idea.

For the cover photo, elaborate plans to have a plaster fist rising from a lake of fire gave way to this simpler museum setting. The right hand is Norm Omar's, speaking of museums, which in his delicate care has since shattered to garbage.

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This is Batali, the tiger who attacked when two drunken Calgarians snuck into his space at the zoo in October. I happened to have been there the day before, so this photo ended up in a couple regional papers.

Having a small-scale cat with a vicious streak when it comes to things smaller than her, I assure you I didn't get too close to this fellow.

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